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👋 Hey!

Thanks for dropping by. I’m CEO and co-founder of Kluster, a revenue analytics platform serving B2B companies, operating out of London.

We started Kluster a few years back in my kitchen, and I am extremely proud of the massive impact we have had on companies around the world, all thanks to the hard work of our small and capable team.

I love topics including leadership, tech, data, and product; so you will find writing on areas like these in the blog.

I am always keen to build networks and meet interesting people, so feel free to get in touch: dan {at} kluster.com.

I used to work as a financial modelling consultant, building software and models to forecast things like hurricanes and terror attacks, and match financial securities against them. The recipients of these ranged from the Bank of England to the White House.

President Obama quoting our forecast.
President Obama quoting our forecast.

Prior to this, I was an analyst in the early days at London SaaS rocket ship Acturis, and gained a degree in theoretical physics.

From as early as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed solving puzzles and building things, whether using atoms or bits. I’m a big believer in being passionate about an outcome, and agnostic about the toolkit used to get there.

Mid-1990s coding.
Mid-1990s coding.

Outside of work, I am kept busy by my two young children, the eldest of whom loves nothing more than to drop in on work video calls.

Onward! 🚀


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