Etymology of Kluster

When we started Kluster, my co-founder Rory and I began the process of finding a name for our nascent startup. Coming to a decision on a name was an iterative process, which proved to add confidence and context to our final choice.

We started off with discussions around the core drivers of the company to get the ideas going.


We are a platform which is driven by the community we serve. Our community improves every aspect of the company from our daily work life, to the platform itself.


After spotting the problem within the market that Kluster solves, the key driver to planning our solution was data. We knew that exponentially increasing volumes of latent data were being stored by companies. These companies often did not know that most of it was there, let alone leverage it to drive their businesses forward.

Our Phenomenal Team

Our team are a lean, hungry unit who can drive change rapidly and efficiently. A few years ago, we were working from a kitchen table and had the same unwavering confidence we do now that we would change the world with this company.

The Selection of a Name

When it comes to both our community, and our team, we believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And we needed a name which reflected this.

We also needed a name which referenced the vast amounts of data about to be unearthed and collated in a single place.

cluster, [noun]: a group of similar elements, gathered closely together.

The word “cluster” was perfect for reflecting the revenue community coming together united in this task; the team of people joining forces to execute on our company’s vision; and the growing number of data points which collectively can give businesses so much power.

So we landed on this. Albeit with a slight respelling:

But why spell Kluster with a ‘k’?

… In a subtle nod to data science - and the k-means clustering algorithm in particular.

So if someone asks: “why do they spell Kluster with a ‘k’?”

Make sure you answer: “Because k-means Kluster, of course.”

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