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What is this?

I will be writing about running startups: documenting triumphs and challenges, and suggesting efficient ways to get ahead.


I have my own startup, Kluster. In running it I come up with a range of challenges - the insights into which could be helpful for others.

How did this begin?

A few years ago, my soon-to-be co-founder approached me with a problem: revenue leaders have too much uncertainty in their businesses.

As we dug deeper into this problem, we realised it was one which impacted companies across the world. We also realised it was a problem we could solve.

Since then, we have been tirelessly working on a solution, which became Kluster.

I spend my life thinking about topics including running a tech company, designing a phenomenal product, analysing the market, leadership and strategy. I have found putting these into a context using mental models is powerful.

If you would like to know more about me, you can see here.

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I hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Onward! 🚀

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